While shopping at anthropologie the other day i came across their adorable mason jar snow globes and i thought it would be so easy to make them myself ! So here is my version of anthro's snow globes, so cute and inexpensive. Anthropolgie sell's them for about 30 dollars a piece, these cost only about 10 dollars for all three!

The inspiration ^ anthro snow globes.

My Snow Globes ^ I love how they turned out !

What you'll need :
> Miniature trees of your choice. I found mine at Michaels and Jo-Ann's on sale and had a coupon from there I phone apps. 
> Miniature light post. This is my own person touch i just thought it would look nice =) I found mine at Michaels 50 % off right now.
> Hot glue gun 
> Mason jars
> Glitter or Snow ( I did not use the snow in the above picture, the flakes were to big for my jars so i went back and got some glitter but if your using larger jars the snow would work)

The glitter i used ^

Step one : Decide what trees you want to use i bought several kinds but the above were my favorites! Than glue them on to the underside of your mason jar lids

Make sure you glue it to the white part, not where the red is, or it won't close all the way. If you need to cut a little of the tree base off so it fits, you can. I just used scissors, its fairly easy to trim down.

Step Two : Add your glitter to the mason jar, you dont need very much.
Then place the tree upside down into the mason jar, seal the lid and enjoy your little winter scene !

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